Best Keratin Treatment Salons NYC


If you are looking for a smoother and straighter hair, you are not the only one. The truth is, straightening your hair is a popular trend nowadays. Women with curly hair who want to transform their hair and strengthen it are more and more opting for the Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Wondering why?

At Albert Amin Salon, we take pride in offering this specific type of hair strengthening treatment to all of our customers. And if you are still wondering how it is proven to straighten even the curliest hair, we’ve got some answers for you below.

How Does the Brazilian Keratin Treatment Work?

The name keratin is actually referring to the protein that is naturally found in human hair. What the Brazilian Keratin treatment here does is that it adds a product to your hair and then uses the heat of flat iron in order to seal it in. The length of this process depends on your hair’s length and  curls, but in most of the cases takes around 2 hours to be completed.

And while there are still many women who are straightening their hair using the Japanese hair strengthening methods, the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is quite different – and for many women better for a good reason.

As we already mentioned, keratin is the primary protein in the skin, hair and nails. Therefore, adding it directly on your hair helps it return to its conditioned state. When added on your hair on a regular basis, the keratin treatment straightens it naturally. Applied on your hair as small layers, it takes some time to properly layer it, blow your hair and flat-iron it so that it is straightened.

How Long Does The Brazilian Keratin Hair Strengthening Treatment Last?

This is one of the most common questions women ask before undertaking the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment. Now, although there is no exact period as an answer to it, the Brazilian Keratin is found to last with great results between about 3 to 5 months on average. After that, your hair returns to its normal state and curliness – with only one difference. Wondering what?

Well, not only the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is great for strengthening your hair – it actually makes your hair more softer and healthier. Thanks to the conditioning impact of the keratin, your hair will be healthier and you will be willing to reapply your treatment (of course, only if you want straight hair again).

Another thing worth mentioning is that the hair that grows naturally on your head will obviously be in its natural state. That is mostly because the Brazilian Keratin treatment straightens the active part on your hair, but not the entire scalp down to where your hair grows. That is the main reason why the Brazilian Keratin treatment is something that should be done on a regular basis if you want long-term results.

Caring for Your Hair After It Gets Straightened The Brazilian Way

Once you straighten your hair with the Brazilian Keratin treatment, you should avoid washing your hair for 3 full days – and avoid adding any kind of hair clips or rubber bands in it, or even behind your ears!

As strict as these rules may be, they actually have a lot to do with the natural state of your hair and how to prevent it to curl again and therefore wreck the straightening. This can mean no exercise and being careful even when you are sleeping.

One thing that you definitely want to hear is the success stories from many of our long-term clients satisfied of the Brazilian Keratin treatment and the wonders it does. In their own words, they say that the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment is ‘the best hair strengthening solution’ as well as ‘the best way to pull off a straight hair look for longer than 3 days’.

So, Are You Interested In Straightening Your Hair – The Brazilian Keratin Way

Completely natural and with no side effects, the Brazilian Keratin hair treatment will make your hair straight and healthier than ever before. It is up to you to maintain it as you should and see great results even months later!

Interested in the Brazilian Keratin hair strengthening treatment? Contact our team of professional hair stylists at Albert Amin Salon right now and book your spot!

Hair Extensions: How To Avoid Damage On Your Natural Hair

Did you know that hair extensions may cause a lot of irreversible damage to your natural hair? If you don’t know that’s the case, we are sharing a few of the common hair extension horrors below:

  • Traction Alopecia – The term that relates to the most common problem caused when the weave in the extension is too tight, so that it tugs at the natural hair causing hair loss or resulting in bald patches.
  • Contact Dermatitis – An allergy that is caused by the glue used for bonding the extensions to the real hair. If your hair itches or you are noticing red rashes, this may be the case.
  • Headache – Does your head hurt? Sometimes, extensions can be attached too close to the scalp causing recurring headache due to the pressure on the natural hair.
  • Inflammation and irritation – If your scalp is irritated or feels like burning, it’s possibly because of the extensions that got caught in tines while brushing or combing your hair.

Not only you should choose professionals when adding hair extensions, you should also know that the hair extension industry is unregulated and lacks the standards that apply to hair cutting. Which is why our professionals at Albert Amin Salon felt inspired to share some tips with you.

So, let’s start…..

A Few Words On Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the biggest trends over the past few years. What started as a hair accessory turned to a fashion statement in women of all ages. Adding bright highlights to the hair has been a growing trend, however, one that bears some great responsibilities as well.

Although they date back to the Egyptian times, hair extensions have been modernized in today’s marketplace. However, the ‘affordable’ hair extensions from the Chinese marketplace opened a world full of risks linked to improper use and improper integration techniques.

In a nutshell, you only need to choose a hair extension professional and make sure that your hair extension is done right. Nowadays, there are two main hair extension types:

  • Synthetic Fibers: These hair extensions are made of synthetic materials and are a lot cheaper than real human hair extensions. Just because of that, they cannot withstand hot temperatures, be straightened out or curled like real human hair. Or worse yet, they can even melt if you try to blow dry them.
  • Human Hair Extensions: This is the obvious standard for hair extensions. Since this type of products are organic and natural, they are more expensive – but in the same time more versatile when styling them and a lot better.

Now that you know which hair extension is the right type for you and why, let’s move on to the part where you put it on your hair – the integration part.

Why Choose A Professional For Hair Extension Integration?

There are a lot of hair extension integration techniques you have never heard of, and others that are unprofessional and not done right. The truth is, you only knew you picked and paid for a great hair extension when you have a professional attach it to your hair at a hair salon. Whether it’s a bonding hair extension, a clip-in one or a bulk hair, most of the professional hair stylists agree that as long as they are used properly, hair extensions are no risk to your hair, scalp or health in general.

Sure, the potential damage remains when it comes to hair extensions – but only when they are done with DIY (do-it-yourself) projects or by amateurs without the right knowledge or techniques to successfully attach them.

However, if you are looking for a long-term solution like bonding hair extensions to your scalp – you most definitely need to choose the right stylist and a reputable hair salon. So, why not let our professional hair stylists at Albert Amin Salon guide and introduce you to the world of risk-free hair extensions that will make your hair look and feel natural?

How To Pick a Hair Color That Matches Your Skin Tone

We’ve all been there – seeing a great hair color pulled off by a celebrity and then trying it out on our own. Only to realize that 2 hours (and a few hair color packs) later, it doesn’t feel right for you. Now, although our teams at the Albert Amin Salon are always here to consult you about the proper hair color and whether it will fit you right, there are some things you need to know on your own…

The first and probably most important thing you should know is the following:

Not every hair color matches every skin color. As simple as that.

Now, you may think that you will look glorious if you go redhead or worse yet, think that you will be a Margot Robbie doppelganger if you go blonde, but it’s your skin color that dictates what hair colors suit you – and what are not just right for you.

‘So, How To Pick The Right Hair Color?’

This is probably the question most of you are asking themselves at this point. Sure, you want to do a change on your hair – and we totally approve it. But if it’s a big event like your sister’s wedding or your 25th anniversary, it’s always better to do a little research and see if your skin tone qualifies for the specific hair color you want.

Below, we are listing our go-to rules for understanding your skin tone and making sure you choose the right hair color for it.

  1. Look For Specific Colors – As we already mentioned, every skin tone is unique on its own. While cool-toned skin has pink and olive undertones, white warm-toned skin has yellow and gold. In case you have a combination of any of the above tones, you are probably neutral.
  2. Pick A Celebrity – An important thing to have in mind when picking a celebrity and copying her skin color is to see whether their skin color matches yours. So sure, you can have a hairstyle like Rihanna, but is your skin bronze enough to accompany your decision?
  3. Check Your Wrists – The pinks, reds, blues, greens and yellows on your wrist aren’t there for no reason. These are your veins, which perfectly indicate the tone of your skin. For example, if the veins on your wrist are blue or purple, you are most likely cool toned.
  4. Check Your Eyes – If you have gold specks in your eyes, your skin undertones are probably warm. If you have lots of blues and greens, you are usually cool.

Now, What Do These Colors Say About Your Hair Color?

There is a rule of thumb for every hair color you consider. It’s simple – pick a tone that is opposite from your skin’s undertones. In practice, women with warm undertones should opt for a cooler color and vice versa. Now, there is a degree to which this matters that varies from hair color to hair color, but it’s definitely a good guideline to remember. And if you are enough lucky to have a neutral skin tone, then any hair color is a good color for you. Lucky you!

Hanne Gaby Odiele is a perfect example of a cool skin tone. As you can see, she chose a hair color ‘cool enough’ to accompany her skin tone – and this platinum look just looks great. If your skin is similar to hers – platinum, ice, silver, ash, sand, beige and champagne hair colors should suit you.

On the other hand, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a great example of a warmer skin tone that still goes well with blonde – but only the right type of blonde hair color. She has a fair skin with cool undertones, and just like that, matches any of the gold, caramel, amber, honey or butterscotch hair color shades, or a combination of them.

Aiming at the dark chocolate, chestnut, dark auburn or mocha hair color?

IF you are Miranda Kerr, it might as well work out great for you. The truth is that brown is one of the universal hair colors and one that is pretty hard to go wrong with. However, girls with cooler tones can look particularly stunning with any of these shades.

Not Sure Yet?

We hope this article helped you choose the right hair color that matches your skin tone! If not, feel free to stop by in our saloon and let our professionals reinvent your look – based on what you want!

Color Correction: Achieve The Hair Color You Want

Let’s face it – trying a new hair color out and thinking it will exceed your expectations is not always the case. Sometimes, you want to correct your hair color in order to achieve the color you always wanted. But most of the times, you end up thinking.

What’s Color Correction And How Can It Change My Hair Color?

First of all, it’s definitely worth mentioning that every hair color is not the same. There are a lot of hair color shades that are complex on their own and therefore difficult to correct. However, there isn’t any hair color that cannot be corrected. Whether it’s a virgin hair or a artificial one, both may entail multiple color correction services which can sometimes be done in a day – and sometimes stretch over a period of weeks or months.

The most important thing to understand when it comes to color correction for your hair is that it is something that takes time to be done and in some situations, can be damaging to the hair. However, if you use the right professional at the right hair salon, being ‘color cleansed’ will go as easy as A-B-C.

Looking For A Big Change In Your Hair Color? Here Is What To Do!

If you are trying to transform your hair and take it to a new level with a different color, you should definitely consider color correction. However, make sure to do these things before sitting on the chair.

  1. Make sure your hair salon provides complimentary hair color consultations. At Albert Amin, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop destination for not only color correction, extensions or changes – but also advice when it comes to big changes and color corrections that are still a tough pill to swallow on your side.
  2. Take some pictures with you, and show them to the team of hair stylists in charge of your color correction. That way, they will know what you are aiming at and will be able to consult you and advise you if there is any better alternative that matches your skin tone. Whether it’s a box color from the store, a smoothing or straightening job, a sun-in or a hair extension – your hair is what matters most to us at Albert Amin Salon.
  3. Ask as many questions as you can, but seriously! Our hair stylists at Albert Amin are always looking forward to mutual satisfaction and nothing else. We perfectly understand that some options may get you close to the wanted results. But sometimes, and in most cases, your desired color won’t require much correction – obviously, when you communicate the change you want to us in the way it should be communicated.
  4. Get a price quote, and make sure that the color correction is a good bang for the buck. Now, although most of the color corrections are costly jobs, our hair stylists at Albert Amin Salon will offer you great value for your money. Even if your color correction takes some time (a few weeks), we will give you options that will get you the closest to what you need and will let you know how long you should expect to visit our place that day or week.
  5. Get a salon you call home. We’d like you to visit us and see why Albert Amin Salon can be your next sanctuary and the place where many satisfied customers of ours corrected their hair color and took their appearance to the next level. What we do differently is that we really care for your health, and the outcome of your hair.
  6. Never try do-it-yourself projects at home – well, if you don’t want to risk your health or waste your money. As we said in the beginning, color corrections are complex tasks which can only be done and understood by professional hair stylists.

So, are you ready for a color correction that will exceed your expectations – and finally let you achieve the celebrity look you wanted? We are waiting for you!

Balayage Highlights: The Best Way To Reinvent Your Hair

Want to do a hair color change – but feel that going blonde, red or brunette is just too much?

Don’t worry, we got you covered. Let’s introduce you to the newest trend of hair color – and one that got adopted by tons of people including a lot of celebrities that you have noticed, but wasn’t sure what made them look so good on the red carpets.

This trend is not an entire hair color change, or a hair extension. Instead, it is a highlighting hair color process that takes the entire top region of your hair and gives you a glorious, rich and stunning look. Shady, voluminous and appealing – it is something no one can resist to. The name is Balayage hair, and it is something that spreads like wildfire in every part of the world.

So, What Is A Balayage Hair Or Balayage Highlights?

Our way of defining the Balayage hair is as the next-level hair color type that every modern woman should adopt. It is all about making a change in the details and restructuring your hair with only a few changes, accenting the parts that are mostly seen and impressing everyone around you with them.

The principal idea behind the Balayage highlights is the same – being less for more while going all natural and all soft. Your hair can be reinvented and given a new identity, one that looks like it is washed at all times and one that is more noticeable among the crowd. Speaking of noticing, something you won’t ever notice with the Balayage hair are the regrowth lines (which are considered as upsetting among most women).

The meaning of the word Balayage comes from the French word ‘balayage’ that means sweeping or painting. In practice, it is a hair color trend that allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair color that is best accented with a hair that is below the shoulders.

How Do We Apply The Balayage Highlights?

At Albert Amin Salon, we strive to be your one-stop destination for any hair change you may consider in the future. Just like that, we are proud of introducing a lot of women to the Balayage hair trend, or as we like to call it, the Balayage highlights that make every woman feel special.

We apply the Balayage highlights on the surface of the hair, not saturating through the section until the very tips. Attentive to the smallest detail and careful throughout the entire process, we make sure that the color is the softest possible and guarantees a natural look. Using no foil or meche to create the highlights, we tend to go fully ad-hoc with our Balayage approach.

What really sets the Balayage highlights apart from any traditional hair coloring is the bespoke effect it gives. However, only the right Balayage expert is able to deliver it in its full potential to you an place the color so that it both suits your skin tone and exceeds your expectations. In a nutshell, that is what the Balayage hair is all about.

Let Our Skilled Balayage Highlights & Hair Experts Be The Change You Want To See On Your Hair

The Balayage hair cannot be mastered with any DIY (do-it-yourself) task. It can only be mastered through courses and a lot of practice. In fact, there have been a lot of courses on this particular hair style – but the truth is, only an expert hair stylist knows how skilled you need to be in order to pull off the perfect Balayage highlights and exceed the expectations of the one sitting in front of you.

That is why at Albert Amin, we pride ourselves on our Balayage hair work and are able to prove that to you with our successful Balayage examples applied directly on our clients. In their own words, they say that ‘the Balayage highlights are the best way to highlight your hair and look like a model’ or ‘one of the best hair changes you can ever make’. To us, the Balayage highlights are more than just a trend. They are the future of hair highlights and a look that every single star has pulled off in the big events recently.